Aircraft Crash Defense Ministry Tu-154. 12/25/2016

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According to preliminary data, a technical fault version is a priority, the possibility of a terrorist attack is almost impossible.

Moscow. December 25 – The aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defense of the Tu-154 disappeared from radar after two minutes after taking off from Sochi.

On board were 92 people, including soldiers, journalists and Song and Dance Ensemble Alexandrov.

The plane crashed in the Black Sea near Sochi coast.

Defense Ministry opened a hot line: 8-800-100-18-86

Monday December 26, Russia declared a national day of mourning.

Who was on board

According to the Defense Ministry, on board the plane were 64 artist of Ensemble them. Alexandrov, nine journalists, eight soldiers, eight crew members, two civil servants and a representative of the international public organization “Fair Aid” Elizaveta Glinka.

Artists Ensemble them. Alexandrov sent to Syria, where they were to play a concert at the airbase “Hmeymim” and congratulate the Russian military with the New Year holidays.

As I explained Artist Choir Ensemble Sergey Hlopnikov, who also had to fly on this plane, but could not because of the child’s illness on board may be members of the choir, ballet and soloists of the Ensemble. Alexandrov. The orchestra did not fly to Syria.

In total, according Hlopnikova, in an ensemble named after Alexandrov about 100-120 artistic composition.

Search works

They found the wreckage of the aircraft. Prospecting works are rescue officers and employees of the Ministry of Defense.

Ministry of Emergency Situations has sent divers in Sochi detachment “Centrospas” and Center “Leader”. In addition, MOE specialists equipped with diving equipment, equipment for underwater work, mobile hyperbaric chambers and controlled underwater apparatus “Falcon”.

Point mass gathering debris is 6 km from the coastline. “The estimated there depth from 80 to 110 m”, – the Ministry for Emergencies.

Ministry of Defence is also increasing group in the prospecting area. To wreck sent ships, helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and divers.


Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev to form a state commission to investigate the crash of the Tu-154 plane in Sochi. Government commission headed by the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov.

The investigation of the causes of the crash of the Tu-154 crash near Sochi will be engaged in the Defense Ministry, “Interfax” a source in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). The investigation of the causes of crashes of aircraft for military purposes, including transporting passengers and goods, but belonging to the Ministry of Defense, engaged in the defense establishment itself.

IAC does not participate in the investigation, but its experts are ready to provide the necessary technical assistance, if this is a need.

On the collapse of the fact of a criminal case under article “Violation of the rules of flight, resulting in grave consequences.” His investigation of the central office will TFR.


The Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the crashed plane released in 1983, this fall was planned maintenance. Last renovated airplane was December 29, 2014

They ran an experienced pilot Roman Volkov – the pilot of the first class, the total flight time – more than 3 thousand hours..

According to a source in the emergency services, the Tu-154 was produced over 30 years ago, but claims to its technical condition was not. According to the source data, the aircraft was operated in the power saving mode. On average, aircraft flying time is 27 hours per month. The aircraft basically flew over medium distances with a duration of 1.6 hours.

The source said “Interfax” in the emergency services that the commission of inquiry into the collapse of the reasons is inclined to release technical failure as the main causes of the disaster.

The interviewee said that considers different versions of what happened, the terrorist act version is virtually eliminated.

“It is also unlikely version of pilot error, because they have a lot of experience of management of the aircraft type and flight hours significant Regarding the weather conditions in the area of the crash, they were favorable for the flight.”, – Said the source.

Meanwhile, an informed source previously reported “Interfax” that the bird could get into the engine of the aircraft.

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