Airport “Zhukovsky” if all is ready to receive flights

Posted on 09/09/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

Next Monday (September 12) airport near Moscow Zhukovsky will hold its first regular Board of airline Belavia from Minsk. It remains only to check if everything is ready in the air port to the beginning of the flight.

To get to the “Zhukovsky” it’s still hard. Travel time from downtown Moscow takes more than two hours: metro, train, bus, on foot. But from next week everything should change. According to employees of the operator of the air Harbor “Ramport Aero” platform “Rest” will run comfortable Shuttle-buses, which without interruption for 7 minutes, will take passengers directly to the entrance of the terminal. And from the metro station “Kotelniki” will go bus rapid.

However, today you can save time and drive comfortably, if you pre-book transfers Zhukovskiy. The main advantage of this method is that after your arrival You will have to wait for the driver (with a sign on which your name) that will help load the Luggage in the car and take you to the right places with comfort. The fare is usually comparable to the prices of local taxi services.

That regular flights from the “Zhukovsky” has not yet begun, can only be understood in the absence of passengers and closed while the cafe-bars-chocolate makers. Other services are in full “fighting” readiness. We carefully examined on entrance and even all the detail of the pockets was asked to lay out — metal detectors are highly sensitive to “little things.”

Immediately after the entrance — reception room. 18 large stands with working monitors and plasma panels. Three girls are already sitting in the form. We have included baggage carousel, and you can start. After putting the Luggage passengers will have to climb to the second floor. There is the so-called “clean zone” — passport control and compulsory pre-flight inspection. Ibid — lounge for “very important person”.

The escalators are. But we draw closer and closer, and the staircase goes up smoothly. Smart equipment reacts to movement. After the rise of the domestic passengers follow the signs to the left, international on the right. The first have special control, second — and even the border. In the VIP room leader holds a production meeting. Do not interfere. Everyone does their business.

Three x-rays and the metal detector — OK even for large airports. Of course, the queues at peak time to avoid are unlikely to succeed. But at the end of all procedures, passengers will be welcomed by a number of traditional shops, cafes and a spacious lounge with panoramic Windows. Of them offer great views of the tarmac. You can endlessly look at the giant hangars protruding from their tails aircraft of all brands and stripes, control towers, radars and, of course, the sky, which is really a lot. Children from these Windows will definitely not tear.

From the terminal to the runway by hand. This distance will be overcome on the buses. Then climb down and go through a small private corridor. It was designed to avoid any inconveniences due to the suburban rain or snow. It is Sunny today, and I want to walk to the plane on foot. We’ve done it before. In childhood or more recently.

First Deputy General Director of “Rampart Aero Eugene Solidilin said in an interview with not secret plans for the future : “To date, completed the first phase of construction of the “Zhukovsky”. A month and a half will come a new airline. By 2017, will be built the second passenger terminal, and it will allow to increase passenger traffic from 2 to 6 million people a year. The planned construction of a cargo terminal, hotels, shopping centre and other infrastructure. But plans are now not important. Much more important to start to fly. After all, this has all been ready.”

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