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The capital of the Czech Republic can boast a huge number of exciting attractions from romantic castles and special areas to tidy parks and interesting museums, but most importantly in Prague is not the usual tourist bustle of trying to see as much as possible. Much more important is to catch the right atmosphere, feel the comfort of winding streets, how to enjoy the view from the famous Charles Bridge, with deliberation dine in a traditional restaurant and a walk before bedtime along Masarykovo embankment. This incredibly charming town created for meditative walks through the historic center and mental conversations over a glass of excellent beer, and a truly amazing discoveries in Prague are waiting for those who are in a hurry and willing to pay attention to even the smallest details of the shabby signs to the patterns on buildings and wooden doors.

What to see and do in Prague

If you’ve always dreamed to live or at least visit the Middle Ages, in Prague you have all the chances to fulfill this desire. The famous Old Town illusion of time travel will be the most plausible: toy houses with tiled roofs, centuries-old churches and ornate turrets fortifications immediately set up in the dreamy mood. However, in a maze of quaint lanes, blind alleys and unexpected passages between buildings is easy to get lost, even themselves with a detailed map. Do not hesitate to seek the help of the natives, you will be happy and prompt way even sure something will advise after — for example, your favorite restaurant or shop sweets, where you can buy excellent waffles and cakes.
At the heart of the city is the Prague Castle, the real Czech Kremlin and at the same time the head of state residence. Here you can see the Old Royal Palace, watch the changing of the guard of honor, look at the National Gallery, impressed by the scale of the Cathedral of St. Vitus and select souvenirs at Zlata street lined with lovely two-story houses. By the way, one of them has worked

Franz Kafka.

Another major point of attraction — a large area of ​​the Old Town, once served for the needs of a large market, and now has become a favorite place for walking tourists who can admire the buildings in different architectural styles, from Gothic to Rococo. Crowds of people attracted to the unique astronomical clock, which not only displays the time, but every hour arrange magical performance. No less interesting to climb the steep stairs to the tower of the town hall and see Prague from a height. And, of course, do not forget to take pictures of the Tyn Church, one of the most recognizable symbols of the Czech capital.
If strong enough, be sure to get to the scenic Petrin Hill, visit the Martinic Palace, which preserved a unique fresco on the engraving by Albrecht Dürer, go to the Strahov Monastery and a ride on a boat on the river in Latvia.

When to come

Tickets to Prague is very popular during the Christmas holidays — a city well decorated for the holidays and, with luck, it may even briefly snow fall that will give Converted absolutely fabulous view. However, in the winter, many attractions are closed, and if you want to see everything at the same time avoiding the queues and bustle, go to Prague in the spring or fall. Aviaseller service for a few minutes will allow a date with the Czech capital with a flexible and easy search for any tickets you dates.

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