In October 2017 the Earth will be completely destroyed

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In October 2017 the Earth will be completely destroyed

Paneth Nibiru will completely destroy the Earth in October 2017, predicts scientist David Mead.

Famous scientist David Mead in his work “Planet X: The 2017 Arrival” made a sensational statement: in October 2017 the Earth will face the planet X, which is also called Nibiru, and will be completely destroyed. According to the scientist, the fact that a collision is already evident, but it concealed from the public, so as not to cause a panic.

The main proof of his hypothesis Mead quoted the earthquakes. According to statistics compiled by the scholar, it is clear that the number and intensity of earthquakes in the world is growing every year, which suggests the approach of Planet X, RIA FAN.
As pointed out by Mead, in September 2017 Planet X will pass through the constellation Virgo, and on October 5 fully block the sun. The scientist also said that the world’s elite for a long time began to build himself bunkers in case of disaster.

Earlier media reported the assumption of scientists that the planet X can push Uranus and Neptune in our solar system.
However, these news about the imminent end of the world have repeatedly appeared in the media. For example, the same Planet X was supposed to destroy the Earth has at least twice – in September and December 2015. In NASA has debunked this myth, calling such predictions internet hoax.

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