In St. Petersburg detained the tour illegals

Posted on 09/09/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

The Committee on tourism development of St. Petersburg held an unscheduled inspection of guide-interpreters in the fortress. By results of check were detained 9 citizens engaged in illegal activities as guides and interpreters.

“Such checks are needed. And the more we hold them, the better. “Illegal guides” distort the history of our city, misinterpret certain events, and often simply do not know them and invent different stories. This has a negative impact on the image of St. Petersburg. With the “illegals” need to fight very actively,” – said the Deputy Director of the Museum of history of St. Petersburg – Peter and Paul fortress Sergey Kondratyev.

The Committee noted that Saint Petersburg became the first city in Russia, which started to implement programs to improve the quality of services and create a safe and supportive environment for the stay of tourists in the city.

Executive Director of the tourist Association “World without borders” Svetlana Pyatikhatki also believes that state control over the activities of tour guides necessary.  

“From the low quality of services of illegal immigrants affects not only the tourists and travel companies, but also the image of Russia. Similar checks will help to reduce the number of illegal guides and will facilitate the cleansing of the market and the establishment of healthy competition,” she added.

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