NASА reported having problems in the engines of the probe Juno

Posted on 19/10/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

The Juno probe will not work on calculated scientific orbit around Jupiter today or at any other time this week, as NASА recorded malfunctions of the engine of the spacecraft was postponed this surgery until at least December this year, RIA Novosti reported with reference to

“The telemetry showed that two helium valve, which play an important role in operation of the motor, did not work as it should, during the execution of sequences of commands, running on Juno on Thursday. They were supposed to open for a couple of seconds, but in fact this operation took several minutes. We want to understand why it happened before trying to start the engine,” said Rick Nybakken (Rick Nybakken) from the jet propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena NASА (USA).

The Juno probe arrived at Jupiter on 5 July this year, flying over the “back” of the giant planet and released on a fairly long and elongated orbit, where one revolution around Jupiter took 53 days. This orbit is not suitable for realization of scientific tasks of the probe, and therefore NASА planned to lower the orbit through two full turns, at the end of September-beginning of October of this year.

Apparently, this procedure would take place in the best in December this year, when Juno will make another turn in the current orbit and again approach with Jupiter. Now engineers are studying NASА diagnostic data and telemetry from the probe, trying to understand why both valves are not functioning as they need to, and assessing the level of threat to the system as a whole.

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This hitch will make adjustments to the scientific program of the probe initially, the researchers planned that during the first wrap on the “scientific” orbit Juno will operate only six of nine instruments, but in December, as noted in NASА, will include all nine instruments.

According to Scott Bolton, even complete failure of the engines won’t make Juno useless he can collect most of the scientific data and our current orbit, it just makes less stairs to complete the mission and exit devices damaged by cosmic rays and radiation belts of Jupiter.

As emphasized by the planetary, engine failure will not affect the quality of the scientific data. According to him, in August, the Juno gathered very interesting data that turned the view of astronomers on Jupiter, which planetary scientists from NASA promise to tell tonight at the conference planetological DPS-EPSC in Pasadena.

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