Rashn business: Austria asks to stop the sale of tickets “Victory”

Posted on 09/09/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

Representatives of the aviation authorities of Austria is concerned that the Russian budget airline “Victory” sells tickets for flights from Moscow to Vienna, not actually performing such flights.

It is stated in the materials of the Federal air transport Agency, published in the framework of the Russian-Austrian consultations.

It clarifies that we are talking about the service of low-cost airline Fly & Bus. The essence of this proposal is that passengers are transported to one of the cities of Europe, and then on the buses-Express is delivered in a more popular tourist city.

For example, the vein can be reached via Victory to Bratislava and then continue with the bus.

According to the Austrians, the service for booking and selling tickets to Vienna by a Russian carrier, violates the bilateral agreements on air communication between Russia and Austria.

They asked the Russian aviation authorities to take measures to stop this operation.

In early July the General Director of “Victory” Andrey Kalmykov reported that the airport Innsbruck in Austria not agreed on the slots to perform flights from Moscow Russian low-cost airline.

According to him, the airport explained its decision by the lack of available slots and was advised to contact the Austrian carrier Austrian Airlines to “share” slots.

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