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Athletes, the first person in the famous resorts and tour operators talk about the proper holiday in the mountains

Left some three months before winter. Soon you will finally be able to uncover skis and snowboards, to gather with friends or family and make the first turns in the fresh snow. But to get maximum pleasure from trip to the mountains, you need to prepare for it and plan ahead. Experts in skiing holidays and professional athletes are told about what you should always remember when going on a winter resort. Read tips beginners from HotLine.travel.

1. Preparing for skating starts long before the opening of the season. If you haven’t tried to keep myself in shape, first trip to the mountains would be a great burden for the body and can result in injury.

“The same bike, table tennis or football will keep you in motion. Not to feel wooden when it comes season, you just need to keep in shape,” recommends professional snowboarder Andrey Moskvin. Seemingly obvious advice, but should not be neglected.

2. Planning a vacation, decide the budget. This will help you to understand what date it is booked. You will have to pay not only for flights and accommodation, but also for ski pass (lift ticket) and equipment rental (if not his), instructor’s service (see below), meals on the slopes, accident insurance and apres ski (bars, restaurants and other night life). These costs are likely in the price will not be included.

3. “If you want to relax budget, keep from traveling during the peak season from 1 to 10 January. Prices three times higher than in low season. The snow quality may not meet your expectations. Stable in Krasnaya Polyana snow can be found with 7-8 January. I recommend to come here in the second half of March and the snow is good and the prices low,” said Council Gennady Didenko, head of the Department for operations of the resort “Gorki Gorod”.

“The resorts are, apart-hotels, in which you can cook yourself. In the box there is equipment from different manufacturers, there are newer, there are more old, the price is different,” – explained Oksana Bulah, Deputy General Director of “Aleana”.

Another way of optimizing the budget of the tourists suggested that the Director General of PAC GROUP Ilya Itkin: “the famous Alpine resorts is the so-called towns-satellites are less popular complexes, where accommodation is considerably cheaper, and an extensive network of lifts allows easy access to great skiing areas. Vacationers this will available the entire infrastructure of the cult resorts. For example, in the Three Valleys (France) you can consider the accommodation options in méribel-Mottaret, La Tania and brides-Les-Bains, accommodation in the resorts of Vigo di Fassa and Pozza di Fassa gives access to the slopes of Val di Fassa (Italy)”

4. Choose the resort for themselves. If money is no issue, you can safely go to any of the Alpine countries. The most expensive of them – Switzerland, not least because there are no Charter flights.

5. “For those traveling for the first time, it is a good idea to combine skiing in the mountains with access to nearby cities and shopping. Decide whether you need a place for a quiet family vacation or a youth resort with a buzzing nightlife and apres ski. In Switzerland, for example, Leukerbad is not only a ski resort, there are famous thermal springs. As Zermatt and St. Moritz are more suitable for young people,” – said in ClickVoyage.

6. Resting place you have chosen, then you need to think about how to get there if you book your trip yourself. The correct choice of airport will save you time.

“Chamonix is best reached from Geneva airport, it takes only an hour. If you fly to Grenoble, you can five to six hours to stand in traffic jams, especially on Saturday. It is also important to take into account the distance from the hotel that you are booking to the slopes. Some hotels offer skiing from the door, from the other to lift free buses” – gave an example of Arno Lamson, Deputy Director of the tourism office of Chamonix (France).

7. Those who are just getting into skiing, Arno Lamson advised to choose the resorts with a special area for beginners – it has a separate ski passes at lower prices. There is no need to overpay for trails throughout the resort, if you use them will not.

8. “When choosing equipment and clothing for skiing beginners should not take the first thing that will offer the friends from its reserves. Skis can be too hard for training, and a poorly fitting liner in girls can lead to the fact that the hair will not interfere with riding. Better to pick up equipment rentals,” said Olga Levina, representative of the resort Avoriaz (France).

9. Experts agree that the beginner is better to take at least two lessons with an instructor. Let it be at least group classes – this will allow you to see and to repeat a correct movement. But what to do you never want is to sit and relax in the middle of the track. For relaxation there is the edge of the track or the lift. “And it is not necessary after the first descent in the life of immediately to explode on a major highway,” warned Olga Levina.

In addition, going to a new country, she advises studying the local ski resorts. In France, for example, if you were fond of riding and not have time for lunch on the slopes from 12:00 to 14:00, the meal can no longer count on the chef finishes the job. For food have to go down to the supermarket in the valley or search restaurants non-stop, which is quite small. In Switzerland with a dining schedule is not so strict.

10. And finally, expect strength. A number of European and Russian resorts can offer quality holiday apres ski. If too carried away, the morning ride will be hard.

“The main thing – do not ride drunk, it is not good to bring,” recommends Artem Sadovici, professional snowboarder. And he is absolutely right — if you get on the slope of the trauma, and it turns out that in the blood was alcohol, even on the insurance payment for insurance that covers ski risks can not count.

More fun in the new season and only pleasant experiences of riding!

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