The airline Air China provoked an international scandal

Posted on 09/09/201609/09/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

Chinese airline Air China has appeared in the scandal center after in its inflight magazine Wings Of China appeared advice passengers to be careful when visiting certain areas of London. The carrier was accused of racism, reports The Daily Mail.

In one of the articles in the Wings Of China the capital of great Britain described as a safe place. However, the author urged Chinese tourists to exercise caution when visiting areas inhabited mostly by Indians, Pakistanis and blacks.

Travelers, in particular, was advised not to appear on the street in such areas alone in the evening and at night. Women always have to go there with the escorts, said in the article.

This article sparked outrage from British politicians. Member of Parliament Virendra Sharma (Virendra Sharma) on Twitter called this Council is outrageous. He also said that the airline should apologize and withdraw magazine article from circulation.

Another member Rosen Allin-Khan (Rosena Allin-Khan said that such a recommendation offends all citizens, without exception, of London, and not just a national minority. She expressed her desire to invite Chinese diplomats to the district of Tooting, which politician was running for Parliament.

Officials stressed that London was proud of its ethnic diversity, and even offered to Chinese tourists a tour of the areas populated by minorities.

Air China has removed all issues of the magazine from its planes. Editorial Board apologized.

Earlier in racism blamed the Chinese company, which has released a promotional video where the black wash in the machine, after which it becomes Asian.

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