The largest water Park, The Legends opened in Antalya (photo)

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The largest water Park, The Legends opened in Antalya. Today is one of the largest water parks in the world, the largest in Europe, Africa and the middle East.

The complex is interesting for many attractions. Including a huge entertainment center, five-star hotel, Dolphin, wildlife Park and a water Park with the most modern “scary” water slides, which are on the Earth.

Developers of the project is Rixos World Parks & Entertainment (Serik, Turkey), Emaar Real Estate (Dubai, U. A. E.) and the global brand Dragone Productions (La louvière, Belgium).

The first phase of the project was worth $ 1 billion and is already open since mid-summer. Its center was a giant pool with waves for surfing, located in the heart of the Park.

The whole complex was based on the history of the Roman Empire. It is in a beautiful location between the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Its territory covers 639, 000 square meters.

The project includes: shopping Boulevard with shops, restaurants and cafes, 196, 000 square meters, luxurious five-star hotel, wildlife Park, a large viewing terrace (111 meters tall). It provides so much entertainment that bored visitors don’t have even when visiting the Park for a few days.

The main part of the complex – water Park – covers an area of 280 000 square meters. It is located 72 slides plus many more water rides. It was created using the most advanced L-Resin Transfer Molding (L-RTM) technology.

Introduces the reader to the TRN are just some of the built in amusement Park:
Unique giant crater, inside of which visitors to the Park fail at high speed.

Windigo – several closed tubes intertwined, the entrances to which are located on the same level.

Kamikaze – free fall.

The spacecraft is one of the most extreme rides. Guests start the track immediately with great speed in a closed swirling the tube, and then dumping them into a huge open bowl.

Black hole is one of the most popular attractions. This is the pipe that carries you at high speed through sharp turns and slopes. Adrenaline provided!

Space shuttles – slide in a tube, in which the guests threw from side to side water jets, before they roll down to speed down.

The lazy river is another water attraction, created especially for this Park. It’s a relaxing walk along the artificial river, tune in to relax after the downhill.

For younger guests, the Park created a special set with 10 slides – miniature versions of adult rides.

A totally unique experience for Aqua-parks , a special entertainment area for the ladies.

In addition, the Park is ready to offer the region’s first SurfStream waves of different heights, where you can ride a real surf Board. At the same time in this zone will be 18 people.

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