The Ministry of transport supports the abolition of the mandatory baggage allowance is 10 kg

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The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation supports the abolition of the mandatory baggage allowance is 10 kg. To finally resolve this issue will be deputies of the state Duma of new convocation, according to RNS with reference to министрf of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov.

“The position of the Ministry of transport is that you first need to proceed from the interests of passengers. World practice suggests that through tariffs that set airlines and high competition between them — and we operate more than 100 airlines in Russia, — the passenger must choose the class and level of service that he is most comfortable. If you fly with one portfolio at the business trip, why to pay for mandatory baggage allowance is 10 kilos? You can take the tariff, which does not involve Luggage space. Or if you’re coming to relax or on a long journey, you can choose the tariff that you have additional baggage allowance is not 20, but 30 pounds, as business class,” he said.

“Today there is a bill, which envisages the abolition of the mandatory baggage allowance is 10 kg. It is located on the site of the State Duma. The government deputies will definitively solve this question”, — the Minister added.

Now the domestic airlines carry baggage weighing up to ten kilograms. The main initiator of the abolition of free Luggage is the loukoster “Victory”, has already pledged to increase the number of budget tickets (999 rubles) in case of adoption of the new draft law.

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“Victory” was proposed to reduce the list of items that passengers are free to take on Board the plane, from 18 kg to single items weighing up to 5 kg, reported in the Ministry of transport.

In the cabin are now allowed to carry 18 items, including ladies purse, phone, laptop, outerwear, etc. Carriers intend to abolish this list and permit to carry in the cabin one bag only weighing up to 5 kg.

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