The situation in Thailand: the impact of mourning on tourism?

Posted on 18/10/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

The silence on Walking street might even benefit

Mourning in Thailand, announced a year in connection with the death of the king, remains one of the topics for discussion among specialists of travel agencies and tourists planning a trip to the country. What is mourning and what specific recommendations are given to the tourists, the online journal already reported. Resorts in Thailand continue to live a normal life, but, despite this, there are fears that the country may lose part of the tourist flow from Russia. How they are justified or contrived, whether the Russians are willing to go to Thailand now and will the mourning in the country on its tourism rating in the near future, the editors found out by contacting the experts of travel agencies.

Thais loved her Adulyadej his Majesty king Bhumibol was, considered him the father of the nation, so the death of the monarch was news № 1 not only in Thailand but in the world. Since mourning is declared for the whole year, inevitably there was discussion about whether the grieving country remains attractive to tourists, including from Russia.

It is known that Russian tourists are usually very hard to get them to change their plans. He is ready to relax in any case, if you’re going on vacation and “knocked out” for the family or personal budget. The financial component, as practice shows, largely determines the choice of our tourists. Therefore, tsunami or political instability, if and make an adjustment in his rest, it is not always and not all. The only exception, as experts say, is a situation in which the Ministry of foreign Affairs or Rosturizm officially recommend to refrain from trips in the country or in certain areas. In this case, of course, out of the question, therefore, tourism companies easily perceive the latest news from Thailand about mourning. READ:  Megacities vs Airbnb

“Statistics show that the demand for holidays in Thailand in October as in previous months, remains unchanged at a high enough level”, – says Dmitry Kobyakov, Director General of the booking Center TBG.

According to him, the interest in Thailand in the last days even increased. This is hardly connected with the news from the country. Likely to have the value of the seasonal factor and lowest prices on holiday in Thailand, offered by tour operators.

Dmitry Kobyakov am sure that in autumn and winter, during the Christmas holidays, the Thailand tourism industry market is unlikely to be a replacement, since the ratio of price and quality of a beach holiday in this country remains optimal.

News from Thailand is unlikely someone will stop the trip, since the ceremonies do not affect the life of tourists. Some discomfort may feel is that avid party-goers, accustomed to the noisy fun on Walking street in Pattaya. Now in connection with the mourning there unusually quiet. In addition, limited access to some of the attractions.

Andrey Novikov, the head of TEZ Tour Thailand, said by telephone that the restrictions apply to visiting specific places and sights, for example, the Royal Palace in Bangkok.

As for nightlife, some of the break even will benefit. Limitations may be perceived positively by the tourists who choose family vacation.

And concerns over possible political instability after the death of the king, according to experts, greatly exaggerated, as in the state, several branches of government and the military, security and political stability, in may 2014, have already proved their competence. READ:  How to win the best day in the mountains?

Summing up, experts predict that the mourning in the form in which it is observed now, will not last long. One of the main items of income of Thailand is tourism, so all the usual attractions for tourists, including loud music and fun on Walking street are likely to be available again in mid-November.

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