The situation in Thailand: what effect will the mourning in the country for tourists?

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Situation in Thailand after the king’s death:

13 Oct 89 th year, died the king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX of Chakri, who was on the throne more than 70 years. The country was declared a mourning period of one year. What is the mourning in Thailand and how it will affect tourism, says the correspondent in Pattaya Olga Selivanova.

What is the mourning in Thailand: official data

The death of the king was for Thais real blow. Died father of the nation, the man to whom the people gave the title of “Great.” Largely thanks to the king of Thailand from an agrarian country into a developed and powerful industrial state with a decent South-East Asian living standards, developed social and medical infrastructure. A man who sincerely loved, helped and supported his subjects. And, of course, in the near future, this loss will affect all aspects of life.

According to official sources in Thailand October 13, declared a mourning period. During the year civil servants will be obliged to wear mourning colors – black and white, employees of the private sector – at the discretion of the heads of enterprises and organizations. Across the country, half-mast flags on state institutions, churches and businesses posted mourning black-and-white ribbon. At least for a week until further official notification stopped TV and radio, all studios duplicate transfer official 11, channel. This, however, does not affect satellite television and Russian television in Pattaya… during the week after the monarch’s death all the print media and the online edition should be out in shades of grey. For the same period expressed the wish to suspend the publication of advertisement in the media, to dismantle or close the black advertising signs and banners in retail outlets and on the streets, or to replace them with expressions of condolence. Until October 20 closed the Royal Palace and temple of the emerald Buddha. READ:  Tours to Southeast Asia again became an exotic

The most severe period of mourning will be in the first 30 days, until November 14. This time the country will have no entertainment and entertainment events. Cancelled or postponed all concerts, celebrations and festivals. Cancelled the celebration of the traditional festival Loy Krathong and fireworks festival in Pattaya, as well as the celebration of the New year. Within one month, i.e. to mid-November, will not work night clubs and discos. It will remain open most of the cinemas available to visit restaurants and bars, but live and background music, and the use of lights and discosures prohibited. Additional restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages in addition to current (at the time) will not.

Mourning in Thailand: recommendations to tourists

However, in resort areas the restrictions are not so strict. The tourism authority of Thailand still welcomes all those wishing to spend a holiday in this hospitable country, but asks within the next month to dress and act accordingly. This does not mean that we are being asked be sure to wear mourning black and white, but will still be appropriate muted or neutral tones. This does not mean that we have to appear on the streets with a sad expression, but laughter would be inappropriate. You will certainly be able to celebrate a birthday or other important event for you in a bar or restaurant, but no music, dancing and merriment.

What is the situation in the resorts of Thailand?

Well, since this writer lives in Pattaya, it is necessary to share personal observations and information from local sources. Yes, the Thais really sincerely grieving. Most are dressed in black and white. Many of my friends I saw in tears or very sad. All Thai Facebook in black color. Even the shop Windows are exhibited handbags, clothes and shoes in black and white. But since life does not stand still, and Thailand – land of smiles, they smile even through the pain and tears. And, remembering his father, the Father of the nation, they will carry this pain in your heart and continue to live, work and enjoy small and big events in their lives and the life of the country. As always, they play weddings, birthdays, dinner in restaurants with families and friendly companies. READ:  How to win the best day in the mountains?

In General, in response to the question of the effect of mourning in the country on tourists, we can say that Pattaya and other resorts live a normal life, only quieter and calmer than usual. Open and continue to operate all the stores and shopping centers, in the normal rhythm of the functioning of all tourist attractions, including the transvestite show, the Tiffany and the Alcazar, a tropical garden, Madame Nong Nooch, sex shows, etc. all Available tour programs, including in Bangkok. Working all the bars and restaurants but in a quiet mode, without musical accompaniment. On the beaches, as usual, put up chairs, and sundries sellers offer Souvenirs, seafood, piping hot and chilled drinks. On the streets a large number of tourists from all over the world, and, as always, you can sit down with a Cup of coffee or a bottle of beer in a street cafe and watch others.

The silence on Walking street

The exception is, perhaps, only the local Walking street. Usually noisy and cheerful, sparkling with lights, pastrama signs, now it strikes the silence. But according to DJ the biggest and the most popular among Russian-speaking tourists club Mixx disco Pattaya, Walking street with all its bars and clubs come alive in mid-November with expiration of the 30-day period of strict mourning. This time, the municipality of Pattaya plans to spend for the repair of the pedestrian street, and the owners of places of entertainment – for their reconstruction and the opening of new halls.

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