Travel in Russia: what’s with the prices?

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Analysts Tutu looked like has changed over the summer, average prices and the demand for tickets to the Crimea and on resorts of Krasnodar region.


The proportion of tickets in Sochi has increased compared to last summer, with 6% to 8.2%, while the share of tickets to the Crimea declined from 13% in the summer of 2015, to 12% this summer. Despite the decline, the Crimean direction with a big lead among domestic routes.

Direction Share
summer 2015
summer 2016
Average price
summer 2015
Average price
summer 2016
The price difference, %
Simferopol 13.1% of the 12,2% 6 278 ₽ 6 936 ₽ +10,5%
Sochi 6,0% 8.2% of 6 425 ₽ 6 590 ₽ +2,6%
Anapa 3.3% of 3,8% 6 633 ₽ 7 069 ₽ +6,6%
Krasnodar 2,8% 2,5% 5 885 ₽ 6 594 ₽ +12,0%
Gelendzhik A 1.5% 1.2% of 7 136 ₽ 8 686 ₽ +21,7%

In Krasnodar and Gelendzhik slight decline in demand for tickets, that is probably due to rising prices. So, the average price of a ticket from Moscow to Gelendzhik this summer increased by almost 22% from 7136 8686 rubles to rubles for one way ticket. Most dramatically, the average price of tickets to Noumea rose in July by 34%. If in July of last year a ticket in this area, the average cost 6896 rubles, in July 2016 — already 9228 roubles.

The growth in average prices for tickets in Sochi this summer amounted to 2.6% and in Anapa – 6,6%, with the greatest surge occurred in July when average prices for flights to Sochi grew by 7.7%, in Anapa – 8.7%. In August we observed a fall in the growth rate of ticket prices. For example, the average price of tickets to Anapa from Moscow grew by only 1.3% compared to August, 2015, in Sochi and even fell by the same 1.3 percent.

Air travel to the Crimea were the most expensive in July and the average ticket price in one direction made 7385 rubles (against 5869 rubles in June and 7347 rubles in August). The increase in average prices from Moscow to Simferopol in June was 7.2% in July and 12.3% in August and 12.9 percent (compared with the same period of 2015).

W/e tickets

In the segment of railway, there is growing demand in areas such as Sochi and Anapa. Moreover, the proportion of railway tickets to Anapa increased this summer in half. The average prices for railway tickets to Anapa and Sochi grew by no more than 3.5%.

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