Turkey has swept the pent-up demand

Posted on 19/10/2016 by AviaSeller Tem

In airports queues, hotels overbooking. What will happen next summer?

If a couple of months ago Turkish hotels are literally empty in October the hotel owners are talking about overbooking: the most popular objects were loaded 100 %. Against this background, the operators extend the Charter program for the winter, and hotels are already making plans for next summer, hoping to make up for the loss. Will they be able to return tourists?

Unusually for October, the pandemonium in Turkey, market participants attributed to several reasons. On the one hand, the hotels put up very attractive prices to the Russians – according to market participants, the discount was “unprecedented”. With the other open hotels was less than a year ago, and pent-up demand is distributed between those who continued receiving tourists despite the crisis. Hand Turkey has played, and the weather in mid – October, there was still +30 and the sun. Effect and the absence of Egypt.

The influx of tourists is most evident at Antalya airport. The registration line will seem like nothing compared to what is happening at the passport control in the departures area. On Saturday, October 15, here in a crowd mingled all residents of Iran, Jordan, Serbia, UAE, and Germany. Visitors from Russia most of all. The airport staff had to rush of tourists to the landing. And so it happened that some representatives of the tour operator or airline is literally pulled from the queue 5 minutes before departure. Tired of waiting, the other passengers began to strike and riot against the staff of the airport, but before the riots is not reached. READ:  The best places for wintering in the tropics

According to experts, such cases are now not uncommon. Apparently, in the summer months, the airport podsokratili staff, and now there is a shortage of hands.

The accommodation in a similar situation. In the summer – those who have not closed, all in effort to optimize costs. Relatively painless for tourists it managed to make large networks and a large five-star hotels. Owners of luxury-segment cost a little blood – reduced intensity entertainment, abolished the daily fireworks and concerts. Hotels of lower class who had a lot of debt went to more drastic measures – reduced the animation and made a modest buffet. This is the first problem faced by Russian tourists coming to Turkey after its official opening. However, our compatriots costs of the service are not scared. All hotels, previously popular among Russians, in a few days after the opening of the Charter was filled with guests. For example, the General Manager of Xanadu Resorts Ufuk of Gezgin brought here some statistics: “If during the season the proportion of Russians in the total number of foreign tourists visiting Turkey was 13 %, while in October this figure has reached 35 percent.”

In spite of this long-awaited popularity, hotel owners are not planning to raise prices for next season. Moreover, they promise that the price tag in 2017 would be on average 10-20 % lower than in 2015. Add to this the early booking discount, and get almost 50 % savings.

That is, if in August 2015 week-long trip in Rixos Premium Belek 5* for two with meals UAI – with discount for early booking – the cost of 147 thousand rubles., in 2017 tour with accommodation in the same hotel could theoretically cost 115-120 thousand rubles. However, it is not necessary to understand these calculations literally every hotel determines its pricing policy. Can hardly wait for the big discounts from the hotels of luxury segment is likely to lure tourists with special offers are hotels of economy class. Especially those who were fully focused on the Russian tourists. READ:  Hoteliers repulsed the attack of supporters of the writer Minaev

If the prices they offer really are attractive, Turkey is able to quickly return the number of tourists from Russia to the year 2015. It is possible that next season will be a record even for hoteliers in Antalya, as in the Wake of the success of the last two years their counterparts from the black sea resorts of Russia are seriously considering the opportunity to raise prices. If this happens, Sochi and Crimea are at risk of losing those who, for educational purposes, under the influence of Patriotic sentiment or restrictive measures of the government rested last summer in Russia.

However, as we see, to predict the situation on the tourism market is becoming increasingly difficult. A major role in determining the direction of mass tourism now plays politics.

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