Winter is not far off. Preparing skis

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…and are willing to work with a new client requests

Skiers, perhaps, one of the most difficult tourists. First, many of them believe that they know everything better than you. To convince them, we need solid evidence, for example, gain up to 20% when booking. Second, they absolutely can not restrict any requirement must be fulfilled. What requests will come in this winter, how they work and where to look for low prices, says a leading Manager ClickVoyage downhill direction Alexander Kamensky.

For us there are no restrictions

The model ClickVoyage allows to provide the client with a comprehensive ski product with substantial benefits. This is a key advantage that allows us to attract and retain individual customer and to annually increase sales by chornoliske.

At my disposal quick and effective tools for online booking, contracts with the hotels directly at exclusive rates, special conditions from local suppliers of hotels and ski services. Ten years of experience and personal riding and detailed product knowledge allows me to cope with any challenge:

custom duration of a round, ski pass discounts, ski equipment hire on special rates, booking a ski instructor, a record in ski-school. By the way, in Andorra we have our own English-speaking ski-instructors. For demanding customers we offer Heli-skiing, beer SPA, dog sledding, winter paragliding, overnight in the ice house is “Iglu”, can help to reserve a table in the elegant gourmet restaurant and much more.

In March last year I received a request for a group of 40 people from a new Agency. Tourists had to be placed in a 5* hotel in Courchevel for just two nights. Task, to put it mildly, difficult: it was beyond the power of the several competitors before it took us. Just before the departure it turned out that the group of celebrities included in the top 10 in Russia. In the course of the trip we had to make changes to reserve rooms, order VIP-services. We are not afraid of difficulties, to realize the tour is excellent, and as a result, the Agency became a permanent partner ClickVoyage, VIP clients they work now exclusive with us!

What will book this winter

Andorra, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy – our key ski destinations. However, the image of the client during the crisis has changed, we reacted quickly and last year added in the range of Krasnaya Polyana, Georgia and Finland.

New directions immediately showed good results, but the direction-leaders in their positions are not inferior. If the client’s request sounds like “high quality, inexpensive and let’s not going to stop riding”, send it to Andorra. Here ClickVoyage special conditions. The private host company provides 24/7 service and contracts at attractive rates from most popular hotels. It is important to note that these contracts are integrated into the online system ClickVoyage, so the travel Manager can quickly find and book a hotel independently with the benefit of up to 8 % (hotel Roc Blanc 4*, check-in 31.12.2017 7 n., DBL Superior, BB) compared with the rates in the “Buckingham”.

Another example. Prices in Sport Hotel Hermitage & SPA 5* new year races in ClickVoyage is more profitable to 83 € in comparison with the “Booking” plus the largest quota for the Russian market. The price difference is not enormous, but even VIP customers today compared the conditions with affordable rates online, it is important to be competitive on the price of each ski!

Superiority and large quotas we have in such popular hotels as Andorra Center 4* and Nordic 4*, where we can easily accommodate large groups!

Another advantage of Andorra to other ski areas is a significant discount for early booking: until the beginning of October they can reach 30 %. So now is the time to start thinking about winter vacation!

With the Alps otherwise. It is important to be topical for the Russian customer a range of quotas for “high” season. This we achieve through partnership with local host companies and hotels directly. Often popular hotels simply impossible to book online-systems for the new year date, and experts ClickVoyage easily and quickly select the appropriate your client options razmesheniyu hotels, apartments or chalets. Send requests

Available for a personal tour

Apartments and budget hotels in the mountains have become particularly relevant product in the period of crisis. In order for the package became more attractive for the end customer, this year we organize group transfers by regular flights to the most popular resorts in Austria, France and Italy. In Andorra, in addition to group transfers, ClickVoyage is possible to buy tickets for regular buses from Barcelona airport, and in Switzerland – swiss passes.

In the coming days we are launching a system for dynamic packaging. Tours will be particularly relevant in the direction of Andorra, where integrated special direct contracts with the hotels, the benefits compared to booking separately will reach 20 %. Try it!

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